Poker-Edge 5 Has Just Arrived

The Best Poker Software Tool Available

Poker-Edge was designed by poker players to be the ULTIMATE All-In-One poker tool. It combines a HUD, table selector, buddy list, odds calculator, in-depth player analysis, massive hand history database, and real-time datamining into one easy to use tool!

  • Know Everyone's Playing Style and Real-Time Stats
  • Play at the Easiest and Most Profitable Tables
  • Instantly Identify the FISH and SHARKS
  • Improve Your Game by Knowing Your Stats

Most Advanced Poker HUD

view player stats on your table

Progressive Heads Up Display
Poker-Edge's HUD overlays key stats directly on the poker table while you play. It is smart enough to know what street you are on and display only the most relevant statistics. This allows you to fit way MORE information into your HUD while actually consuming LESS table real estate!

It's Interactive!
Double click a player's HUD to launch a Detailed Report. Click the graph icon to see historical winnings over time. Right click and a hover window appears with more stats and graphs. Click and drag to reposition and save the HUD elements.

Powerful Innovations

  • Billions of Hands
    Instant power. No need to purchase hands and wait around importing them.
  • Notifications
    Receive custom alerts, such as a good blind steal opportunity. Perfect for multi-tabling!
  • Smart Filter
    Data is automatically filtered to show information most relevant to the situation. As game conditions change (i.e. table becoming short handed) the auto filter adapts.
  • Auto Rate
    Each player is dynamically rated and given an icon based on his stats. If table conditions or the player's behavior changes, the icon will update.
  • Custom Profiles
    Everything in PE5 is fully customizable. The "profile" saves all of your customizations and can be easily shared with the community.

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  • Stars
  • PartyPoker
  • Revolution/Intertops
  • CarbonPoker
  • iPoker (including)
  • William Hill
  • Titan Poker
  • Betfair Poker

And More!


heads up display

Massive Database Central database grows by 10+ Million hands per day.

heads up display

HUD (Heads Up Display) Progressive HUD delivers most relevant information while you play.

heads up display

Lobby Edge Find the most profitable tables online.

heads up display

Detailed Player Reports In-Depth analysis on any player, including yourself.

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Notifications Receive notifications when special events are triggered.

heads up display

Odds Calculator Know your pot odds and outs at all times!


I am a huge fan of your software. I've successfully used it on many of the sites I found on the internet. I would it recommend it to anyone. Jimmy F.

Your software is fantastic, I'm just left scratching my head as to why I didn't purchase this years ago. My decision making is now sooo much easier thanks to PE so i congratulate you and your team on a job well done, keep up the good work guys. Carl M.

In the information age how can people play serious Poker without an edge? I tried and just kept losing. Now I have the CIA of Holdem Poker in my corner and its no exaggeration to say that its helped me turn my game right around! That was the best investment I've made - bar none. Malcolm R.

I am super satisfied with your software, it is truly amazing. Since I've started using it, I have been in the payout zone of every third tournament with a field of 2k. Soren