RULAZIK Hold'em Stats

Mouse - As the name suggests, he plays timid. He is tight and passive, preferring to call or fold instead of betting and raising.

RULAZIK’s Key Stats at NL Hold'em $0.04 (Short):

Total Hold'em Cash Game Profits:

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Recent Showdowns for RULAZIK:

Hand Profit Pot Size Position Flop Turn River Date Game
65 $-0.57 $1.12 Button QA7 J 9 Oct 3rd, 2012 NL $0.04 Replay
AK $1.05 $2.10 Small Blind 2K9 T T Oct 3rd, 2012 NL $0.04 Replay
88 $2.08 $4.48 Big Blind Q82 3 T Oct 3rd, 2012 NL $0.04 Replay

Opponents: Stilett2012, SunkLeach89, The Bees Nee, Theniles, Tinzoza, Vinchenzo24, WormEmpire, snatch41, splav96, thelegend743