CrionR Ongame Network Hold'em Stats

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Bomb - This player has a loose and aggressive style. He will give lots of action and is willing to gamble.

CrionR’s Key Stats at NL Hold'em $2 (Short):

Total Hold'em Cash Game Profits:

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Recent Showdowns for CrionR:

Hand Profit Pot Size Position Flop Turn River Date Game
97 $-0.50 $23.00 Big Blind T8A 2 7 Jul 23rd, 2010 NL $2 Replay
KJ $-200.00 $399.00 Big Blind AK4 J 2 Jul 23rd, 2010 NL $2 Replay
AQ $30.00 $62.00 Small Blind 632 6 8 Jul 23rd, 2010 NL $2 Replay

Opponents: MocsaV, pepetoxx